Delivering proof-of-concept software solutions for technically challenging problems.

We love maths, engineering, programming. Most of all, we love to combine them and play. Discussions on the whiteboard and late-night coding, that's our cup of tea. Our partners? Researchers from academia and industry.

Area of expertise

Expertise in large-scale gradient-based optimization (NLP), continuous optimal control problems.

Optimization is our hammer. Your problem is our nail. We scrutinize your challenge and lay bare its inner optimization problem. Next step is to make a solver run fast & reliably, and transfer the knowledge.


Promoting open-source solutions. We support CasADi development.

We are a fan of the Linux ecosystem and love to share code at GitHub. We believe open-source packages are the canonical building blocks of technical progress in our world. CasADi, co-developed during a PhD, is our workhorse.

Contact: Joris Gillisinfo@yacoda.com
Yacoda BVBA, Glabbeeksestraat 37, 3300 Vissenaken, Belgium